Ride a Harley®

We are creating a BORROWING LINK for the Lebanon Tour.

The TBB (Tour Bike Borrowing) initiative has been created as a kind gesture for fellow bikers who would like to attend the Lebanon Tour. Its role is to find bikes that tour participants can borrow for the time of the Lebanon Tour ONLY, and put them in contact with their owners.

The involvement of the TBB volunteers will be restricted to, and will end after informing visitors of available bikes, maintaining a level of ethics and respect towards them, and providing them with the contact and information made available by the bike owners who come forward, and an insurer to manage the risk of the borrowed bikes during the three days of the Lebanon Tour ONLY.

The TBB initiative is only a relay link. It is in no way a business setup, but only a friendly gesture.

Neither Harley-Davidson® Lebanon nor H.O.G.® Lebanon Chapter or any of the people who might volunteer to assist in the TBB are responsible for the relationship, business agreement, or transactions that might result from the TBB initiative, or make any profit whatsoever.

Please contact the TBB Initiative Team / +961.70.484.977 / tbb@thelebanontour.com, preferably by email and let him know:

  • Full Name
  • Tour registration number (on your ticket)
  • Three types of preferred bikes by order
  • Do you need a passenger seat?
  • If you’re sending us a list of people: phone number and email address of each person on the list. With all the above.
Rental link will ONLY be available to those who have a confirmed and paid booking at the 9th Lebanon Tour.
if you have a bike that you’d like to rent out on the Lebanon Tour, send the following to the TBB Initiative Team at tbb@thelebanontour.com:

  • Bike picture.
  • Registration papers.
  • Info: Model, year, important features.
  • Does the bike have a passenger seat?
  • Is the bike insured against all risks? if yes, with which Insurance Company?
  • Rate the condition of the bike. A for Very Good, B for Good and C for Acceptable.
  • State your price for One day, Two days and Three days rentals.

Note that in order to motivate bike owners to offer their bikes for borrowing, and for tour participants to borrow adequate bikes we will do the following:
  • The insurer will require a security deposit of $1,000 in cash on each bike, which will be the first deductible amount for any repairs claimed. This amount will be refundable after the tour should there be no incident or damage on the bike.
  • We will require all bike owners to have their bikes checked by a Harley-assigned specialist before we list them for tour participants to borrow.
  • Bikes will not be listed unless they check-out as adequate for riding with a passing score.
  • Bikes will be brought to a parking lot with hired security for you to pick them up from a single secured location.
  • Bike listing and details will be published between mid-August and min-September.